Dubai and Lechuza Caracas into another final at Sotogrande

Teams of Cambiaso and Nero to repeat Silver Cup clash

121° Abierto de Hurlingham

La Dolfina18 -

15 Ellerstina

Abierto de Hurlingham

15 -

7 Magual

Abierto de Hurlingham

La Aguada24 -

14 Indios Chapaleufú II

Abierto de Hurlingham

La Dolfina12 -

6 La Aguada Las Monjitas


Gold Cup semi-finalists line up to do battle

The four semi-finalists of the Copa de Oro (Gold Cup) Bulgari, Spain’s premier title within the 44th Torneo Internacional Land Rover de Polo, are now preparing to battle for a place in the division’s final. Lechuza Caracas was the first team to bag a place in the semi-finals after having won each of its three previous matches. The other three teams took part in a penalty shootout last...

Three wins in a row for team at Saint-Tropez

Team takes home the Midsummer 12-goal tournament

Polo Club Saint-Tropez’s penultimate round of the year in its final week

World Polo Ranking

  • 1

    Adolfo Cambiaso

    1121 pts

  • 2

    Facundo Pieres

    869 pts

  • 3

    Juan Martin Nero

    758 pts

  • 4

    David Stirling Jr. 736 pts
  • 5

    Pablo Mac Donough 719 pts
  • 6

    Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 687 pts
  • 7

    Nicolas Pieres 514 pts
  • 8

    Guillermo Caset Jr. 807 pts
  • 9

    Pablo Pieres 506 pts
  • 10

    Mariano Aguerre 476 pts