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Sixth Gold Cup for Talandracas

Report by Pascal Renauldon, RB Presse. Photos by Arnaud Soalhat.

On Sunday night, in the fairy tale land of Normandy and in the heart of the Touques racecourse, it was a Brothers Grimm ending for Team Barrière. Their dream to win the Triple-Crown was severed by Talandracas’ win, revenge for their Silver cup defeat—because after all, it’s a dish best served in a Golden Cup.

Led by the formidable players of the Argentine Open, Fran Elizalde and Alejandro Muzzio, Team Barrière was trapped in Talandracas score prison at the end of the first chukker (4-1). The team, titled by Martin Aguerre (winner of the Copa Camara 2018) had a sharp reaction in the second half and brought the score to (5-6). The glimmer of hope didn’t last through to the end, though, and ultimately Talandracas came out with the better result. Even more now will the Swiss team based in Chantilly desire a home win and third title in the French Open.

That’s a wrap for Deauville 2019. The prestigious French tournaments under the banner of the Barrière Polo Cup was a highlight amidst the jumping and the famous thoroughbred auction. Deauville loves horses!

Progression Talandracas : 4-1 / 6-5 / 9-6 / 13-7 and 14-10

Talandracas : Edouard Carmignac (FRA, h0, 1 goal), Fran Elizalde (ARG, h8, 5 goals),  Ale Muzzio (ARG, h7, 6 goals) & Hugo Carmignac (FRA, h1, 2 goals)

Barrière : Tomy Rinderknecht (SUI, h0), NAcho Kennedy (ARG, h4, 1 goal), Jota Chavanne (ARG, h5, 4 goals) & Martin Aguerre Jr. (ARG, h7, 5 goals)

Best player: Fran Elizalde (ARG, h8)
Best playing pony: Evita, breeder: Santiago Gaztambide;  ridden by Ale Muzzio.

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