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Paprec Open de France: VIVA ESPAÑA!

Story and photos by R&B Presse – Pascal Renauldon. 

On the men’s side, the Spaniards of MARQUES DE RISCAL confirmed all the good that was thought of them after seeing them play throughout this month of the Open de France: a thoughtful game, built, saving horses, a team in perfect symbiosis.
If the difference in the final table is only one goal, the Hispano-Argentine have never been really threatened in a match that, if played in the rain, remained of great intensity and of good quality.
“We are overjoyed,” said Spanish captain Alejandro Aznar, who was himself a player in the win, scoring one of his team’s seven goals.
“This is the first time I come here with my team to play the Open de France and we are really happy. These facilities are very spectacular. Good weather every day except today”.
How does his pillar, named best man of the match, Santiago Cernadas, explain this victory: “A final is always complicated … But we have a good team and we set up a good collective game and today, Alejandro has delivered a great match. The key has been the defence”. QED.
Like Lia, Santiago will fly to Argentina to prepare the Copa Camara, another big target for these professional players … it will now be necessary to wait eight good months before a new French international season. The year 2019 was certainly one of the finest of the last decade, both for women and men. And when it ends so beautiful, it is not without some nostalgia that we see the season come to an end.

PROGRESSION MARQUÉS DE RISCAL: 2/1 – 2/1 – 6/2 – 7/4 & 7/6

MARQUÉS DE RISCAL (SPA) : Alejandro Aznar (ESP, h0, cap, 1 goal), Pedro Soria (ARG, h5, 2 goals), Santiago Cernadas (ARG, h7, 3 goals, MVP) & Juan Cruz Gregoli (ARG, h4 1 goal)

MARQUARD MEDIA (SWI): Nacho Kennedy (ARG, h4, 1 goal), Jota Chavanne (ARG, h5, 2 goals), Martin Aguerre (ARG, h7, 3 goals) & Tommy Rinderknecht (SUI, h0, cap)

BPP : La Mondana, mare bay of 8 and born in Argentina ridden by Santiago Cernadas

MVP: Santiago Cernadas (ARG)

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