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Paprec French Open: Three Great Matches!

By Benoit Perrier, Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly. Photos by Pascal Renauldon, R&B Presse.

Last weekend saw the amazing start of the Paprec French Open in Chantilly with three matches of great quality and with surprising results and others confirming the success in Deauville.

In The Wings: Like Father…

The first surprise was the clear defeat of the French de Sainte-Mesme, dominated by the Chantilly team of André Fabre, In The Wings, Friday afternoon. The key to the match? The increasing (and smooth!) understanding  between the father, Pancho Bensadon, and son Rufino, 15 years. A spectacular relationship reinforced in August in Deauville, where the team gained clear momentum. Sainte-Mesme was  unfortunate not to have played in this  100% team for the past year: it is now crucial for the team to be united again, 12-5 is a big difference placing In The Wings among the favourites for the title this year.



Cibao La Pampa: further to Deauville…

In the second match on Saturday, the Argentinians from Cibao La Pampa did less well than in Deauville. Yet again, the team slightly changed with the departure of Fran Elizalde in Buenos Aires, due to the preparation of the Abierto de Palermo; he has been replaced by his brother Manuel, who also has good family talent. Although things seemed stuck at on point (5-5), Cibao La Pamp finally made it 7-5 in front of Mochi Chic (75% French team), especially thanks to, or because of defense flaws from the opponents at the beginning of the match.  Indeed, Juan Pepa, the captain, found himself alone facing goals several times and transformed these opportunities into four goals. Pierre Henri Ngoumou and his team mates will have to handle this problem at the end of the tournament.

Jeta Castagnola is definitely a phenomenon!

Of the The third match on this first weekend of the Paprec rench Open on Sunday, was even more exciting. It marked the official entrance in France of the young prodigious player from Argentina, Camilo ‘Jeta’ Castagnola, 14 years old, son of the seven times winner of the Argentinian Open, Bartolomé Castagnola, and already handicap 4. Absolutely amazing! After two chukkers to begin with, where his team Château d’Aulne found itself dominated by Marquard Media 7-2, the boy, who is still physically a child, displayed tremendous talent: a calm game, but quick, without the slightest expression of excitement on his face, not a word, and and astounding play with the ball combined with an astonishing and mature sense of anticipation. Jeta (his surname), always had one or two moves ahead. He was the main architect of the « remontada » in his team, which succeeded in  reaching 8-9, and finally ended at 10 to 11. The Chavanne, Aguerre, Joaquin and their captain Rinderknecht had the advantage of having played together the whole month of August in Deauville. The two teams still remain among the most serious candidates at this 2017 French Open which is off to a flying start!

We will find again Château D’Aulne, and Jeta, from Thursday (3.00pm) for the next 2017 French Open against the winner of the Gold Cup in Deauville, Cibao La Pampa.

Information: www.poloclubchantilly.com



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