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Handicap changes for 2013 announced in Argentina

Mariano Aguerre returns to being a 10-goal player. David Stirling Jr., a nine

Handicap changes for 2013 announced in Argentina

Mariano Aguerre (Photo: Ramón Casares -

The Asociación Argentina de Polo announced the handicaps corresponding to the forthocming, 2013 season this Tuesday (December 18th), which wil surely lead to a number of changes in next season’s Triple Crown series.

Mariano Aguerre returned to the top figure after his handicap was raised to 10 for the third time in his career (1998, 2005, 2012). In the meantime, Uruguay’s David Stirling Jr. had his handicap lowered to 9, which means that next year, both Ellerstina and La Dolfina will be 39-goal teams.

The handicaps of Facundo Sola and Alejandro Muzzio –both of them part of the Magual team- have been raised from 7 to 8 goals. Surprisingly, there have no other handicap raises in what refers to players taking part in this year’s Triple Crown. Standing out among the handicaps which have been lowered are those of Francisco Bensadón (Pilará), Agustín Merlos (Alegría) and Javier Novillo Astrada (La Aguada), from 9 to 8.

All of which means that the 10-goal players in Argentina continue to be six: Adolfo Cambiaso Jr., Pablo Mac Donough, Juan Martín Nero, brothers Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres, and Mariano Aguerre. There have been no less than 319 handicap changes this year, 248 of them having been raised, and 71 lowered.

So far, three teams have confirmed they will not be changing their current line-ups: Ellerstina, La Dolfina (both of them 39-goal teams for 2013) and La Aguada – Las Monjitas. There were no handicap changes in what refers to this latter, 33-goal team.

It is thought that Magual will continue into 2013 with its current players, and will thus become a 32-goal team. A number of meetings between the players of the rest of the teams are now awaited, so as to see what happens with their line-ups for next year. La Natividad has already announced that Guillermo Caset Jr. will play as a forward for the team, replacing Pablo Pieres and making this a 35-goal team. On his part, "Polito" might form part of the Novillo Astradas’ team or the Alegría team.

There will also be changes in the team of Frederick Mannix Jr., and also in Pilará. For the time, it will be a matter of additions and substractions, so as to see how the teams shape up for next year’s Triple Crown, in their quest to avoid the exhausting qualifying tournament. Time will tell.

The Line-ups (confirmed so far) for 2013

Facundo Pieres 10
Mariano Aguerre 10
Gonzalo Pieres, Jr. 10
Nicolás Pieres 9
Total: 39

La Dolfina
Adolfo Cambiaso, Jr. 10
David Stirling, Jr. 9
Pablo Mac Donough 10
Juan Martín Nero 10
Total: 39

La Natividad
Guillermo Caset, Jr. 9
Ignacio Heguy 9
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade 8
Bartolomé Castagnola 9
Total: 35

La Aguada - Las Monjitas
Lucas James 8
Cristian Laprida, Jr. 8
Eduardo Novillo Astrada, Jr. 9
Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8
Total: 33

Alejandro Muzzio 8
Marcos di Paola 8
Facundo Sola 8
Jaime García Huidobro 8
Total: 32

Players with the highest handicaps

Miguel Novillo Astrada 9
Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9
Sebastián Merlos 9
Hilario Ulloa 9
Lucas Monteverde; Jr. 9
Javier Novillo Astrada 8
Agustín Merlos 8
Juan Ignacio Merlos 8
Francisco de Narváez, Jr. 8
Pablo Pieres 8
Francisco Bensadón 8
Frederick Mannix, Jr. 8

Players who did not take part in the 2012 Triple Crown

Bautista Heguy 8
Eduardo Heguy 8
Matías Mac Donough 8
Mariano González 8
Juan Agustín García Grossi 8
Matías Magrini 8
Alberto Heguy, Jr. 7
Julio Novillo Astrada 7
Lucas Criado 7
Santiago Chavanne 7
Luke Tomlinson 7
Alfredo Capella Barabucci 7
Francisco Elizalde 7
Juan Ruiz Guiñazú, Jr. 7

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