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Chaine des Rotisseurs & Polo at Tang Polo Club Beijing

Chaine des Rotisseurs & Polo at Tang Polo Club Beijing

Peter Wood, General Manager of the Tang Polo Club, welcoming Beat Muller, Chairman of the Beijing Chaine.

A new chapter in the Beijing Chaine’s history took place last May, when the club was taken back to the roots of the foundation of the Chaine des Rotisseurs at the Tang Polo Club. Following on with the historical influence, they experienced the “Sport of Kings” which has a 2,000 year history in China and is now enjoying a renaissance, with the Tang Polo Club leading the way.

The club offered an afternoon polo exhibition from some of the best Chinese players, including Shilai Liu. For many this was their first opportunity to see real live polo and so a full introduction was given, so that they could properly appreciate the skills.

Additionally everyone was given the opportunity to try their “Stick and Ball” skills both with the short mallets and on the wooden horse. The day was not done and they were all given the opportunity to try their hand at riding.

As the Chaine des Rotisseurs, is a food and wine society the day finished in true Gaucho style by an Argentinean “Asado”.  This complemented the history of the Chaine with it is roasting roots and enabled the members to experience the true “Polo Lifestyle”.

The date is already booked for next year and the whole event completed the Tang Polo Club's vision to bring polo back to China.

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