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Copa de Ouro goes Prata Audi's way

Team defeats Itanhangá Nescafé Duo 11-10 at Sao José

Copa de Ouro goes Prata Audi's way

Prata Audi Polo Team, by Melito Cerezo

The 2012 Copa de Ouro final was played at Brazil's San José venue on Saturday, June 2nd. Eight teams with handicaps ranging between 19 and 22 goals took part in the tournament.

Itanhangá Nescafé Duo (winners of zone B) and Prata Audi (zone A) played the deciding match, with the second-named team emerging victorious and lifting the cup. Young Pedro Zacharias (who played for Brazil's national team in the recent low-handicap 2011 World Polo Championship, at San Luis, Argentina, and in the 2012 Copa de las Naciones, at Palermo) scored the winning goal by converting a late penalty, for the 11-10 final result.

And thus, a new edition of this increasingly popular tournament came to an end, with some of the continent's leading names taking part, such as Argentina's Juan Ignacio Merlos and Juan Agustín García Grossi, and Brazil's Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade, Olavo Novaes, Joao Paulo Ganon and Pedro Zacharias.

Copa de Ouro


Tuesday, May 22nd

Carapuça – BVA 11 vs. Agudo Stella Artois 13

Sao José Polo Audi 14 vs. Villa Real 13

Prata Audi 9 vs. Julius Baer Maragata 12

Itanhangá Pine 12 vs. Itanhangá Nescafé Duo 11

Thursday, May 24th

Sao José Polo Audi 11 vs. Julius Baer Maragata 7

Villa Real 11 vs. Prata Audi 12

Itanhangá Nescafé Duo 13 vs. Carapuça – BVA 10

Itanhangá Pine 11 vs. Agudo Stella Artois 10

Sunday, May 27th

Sao José Polo Audi 12 vs. Prata Audi 15

Julius Baer Maragata 11 vs. Villa Real 9

Agudo Stella Artois 7 vs. Itanhangá Nescafé Duo 9

Carapuça – BVA 9 vs. Itanhangá Pine 10

Wednesday, May 30th


Itanhangá Pine 9 vs. Prata Audi 10

Itanhangá Nescafé Duo 10 vs. Sao José Polo Audi 7

Saturday, June 2nd


Itanhangá Nescafé Duo 10 vs. Prata Audi 11

The Teams:

Zone A

Prata Audi

Gonçalo Matarazzo 4

Pedro Zacharias 7

Dudu Junqueira 5

Nato Junqueira 6

Total: 22

Julius Baer Maragata

Joao Gaspar Martins Basots 5

Flavio Castilho 5

Luiz Paulo Martins Bastos 7

Carlos Francisco Martins Bastos 4

Total: 21

Sao José Polo Audi

Francisco Elverdin 2

Willian Rodrigues 6

Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade 8

José Eduardo Kalil 5

Total: 21

Villa Real

Juan Agustín García Grossi 8

Joao Paulo Ganon 7

Gustavo Toledo 5

Roberto Villa Real Neto 1

Total: 21

Zone B

Agudo Stella Artois

Luis Gustavo D. Junqueira 5

Luis Carlos F. de Mello 6

André Diniz 7

Francisco Junqueira Netto 4

Total: 22

Itanhangá Pine

Juan Ignacio Merlos 10

Norberto Pinheiro 3

Caio Siquini 5

Sylvinho Coutinho 4

Total: 22

Itanhangá Nescafé Duo

Rodrigo Pinheiro 4

Fabio Diniz Junqueira 6

Alexandre Diniz Junqueira 6

Fernando Pelosini 6

Total: 22

Carapuça – BVA

Rubens Zogbi 0

Joao Novaes 4

Aluisio Vilela 7

Olavo Novaes 8

Total: 19

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