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First auction of a polo pony clone

Clone of Adolfo Cambiaso's Cuartetera sold for $800,000

First auction of a polo pony clone

Cambiaso`s auction took place at Tattersall de San Isidro last Tuesday, where two days later a number of horses of the Novillo Astrada were also auctioned. (Photo: Nacho Corbalan,

In what will be a milestone in the history of Argentinian and international polo, on Saturday, November 16th at Tattersall de San Isidro, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, the clone of a polo pony was auctioned for the first time in Argentina.

The initial genes are those of Cuartetera, a mare which belongs to Adolfo Cambiaso (Jr.). Physically, the animals are identical, although it is yet not known whether their performances will be similar. An American laboratory, Crestview Genetics, was in charge of the cloning.

The purchasers of the cloned horse were Argentinian tennis player David Nalbandian, and the president of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Ernesto Gutiérrez, who paid $800,000 for the horse. On his part, Cambiaso remained in posession of the other clone of Cuartetera.

Cambiaso considers Cuartetera the best pony he has ridden throughout his career, which leads to plenty of hopes being pinned on the performance of this clone, that will need to be bred and trained in the correct manner.

The event's magnitude led to approximately one-thousand people turning up, among them a number of players who will be taking part in the Abierto Argentino, which kicks off this Saturday, together with Luis Lalor, the president of the Asociación Argentina de Polo.

On Thursday 18th the fifth edition of the Remate Selección La Aguada auction took place, also at Tattersall de San Isidro. In the meantime, the Copa Julio Novillo Astrada was being played.

A good number of people attended the event in which the best products of the Novillo Astrada family were auctioned, all the mares which are taking part in the Triple Crown as part of the La Aguada team, which is formed by the four Novillo Astrada brothers: Javier, Eduardo (Jr.), Miguel and Ignacio.

The Copa Julio Novillo Astrada's third day will be this Friday (19th), with the following matches having been scheduled: Las Monjitas vs. Valiente, Los Cocos vs. Bendabout Aruba and La Picaza vs. Marchiopolo.


November 20th, 2010

Sani Umar

really amazing especially when the "although it is yet not known whether their performances will be similar".
I wonder what will be the cash value of the original!

November 20th, 2010

Luis Wetzler

I have my doubts about the price. A well known polo poney breeder told me, in most of these auctions, prices are not for real. And sometimes there is a relationship or partnership amongst seller and buyer. Why they do this kind of "buisness" I have some clues but not for this page.

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