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Adolfo Cambiaso and María Vazquez talk about their two passions

By Isamaya ffrench, UK Correspondent

Adolfo Cambiaso and María Vazquez talk about their two passions

A mystery helicopter landing which got the tongues wagging, an audience with Adolfo Cambiaso, grilled steaks on the barbecue ... and all before 8pm. Could an evening at Ham Polo Club get any better?

Ham Polo Club is a club for everyone. It´s like a family, and more. As I stood in front of the clubhouse, I looked around at the content dinner guests mingling with the club affiliates. From the dedicated grooms to its legendary Director of Polo, everyone was having a thoroughly good time, and I certainly felt at home.

This wonderful evening was host to Sunset Polo, an event dedicated to the benefit of Marcelo Tinelli´s Fundacion Ideas del Sur, in Argentina. Adolfo Cambiaso and his wife Maria were around to enjoy the charity event sponsored by PQ International, PoloLine, El Gaucho, La Dolfina, Camino Real Polo Club and Frego.

Maria, who is seven months pregnant and literally glowing with pre baby lovliness, is not only strikingly beautiful and intelligent, but she is well grounded and a dedicated mother. Not bad for someone who is the No.1 in our No.1 polo player´s life. Catching them in a moment when they were not relaxing in front of the sunset or laughing with friends, I asked them about their incredible family and what it is like to travel the world of Polo.

LP: What is it like traveling so much when you have such a close family?

AC: Traveling by yourself is never great. I really miss my wife and kids. When they come with me it's such a joy. It´s the best job in the world

MV: It´s amazing to travel with Adolfo and we are always well looked after. I am 7 months pregnant so it really helps to have a teacher and carer with us for the kids, especially for Mia, who is now seven - things are getting very serious with her schooling.

Marcela comes with us everywhere and she is a great help. She teaches the children and also gets stuck in helping with the horses.

LP: Congratulations! Do you know if it´s a boy or a girl?

MV: Yes, we found out last week. It´s a girl! ... and we will call her Myla. Our other two, Mia and Adolfo, are very excited about it.

LP: Are either of your children taking to polo?

AC: Haha. Yes, we put Adolfo on a horse and he seems to enjoy it, but he is still very small so we´ll wait and see.

LP: Have you had any crazy cravings?

MV: Actually, I didn´t even realise I was pregnant until one and a half months, and I barely feel any different!

LP: So you feel well?

MV: I feel great. The pregnancy has been really easy and I only have a few months to go, so hopefully things will remain the same. We had the Ultrasound last week and everything looks fine.

LP: Where will you have the baby?

AC: I´m going to California next month, but hopefully I´ll be back in Argentina when Maria has the baby in September.

MV: Yes, I´ll go home to be with family.

LP: Do you guys have any other hobbies when you're not playing polo?

AC: I like golf and tennis. All sports really. But Polo is my thing. It´s my life. I like being around the horses, on the farm - I couldn't do anything else.

LP: Where do you enjoy playing most?

AC: I love being at home in Argentina. For me it´s always something special. But I really love the UK too. They´re very different.

LP: And what about this match?

AC: This is my 10th season. I started in 2001 for the first charity match and have been back every year.

Adolfo and Maria continued to enjoy the dinner, courtesy of El Gaucho Club, and then the charity auction that saw a Cambiaso signed helmet and saddle raise thousands of pounds for a well deserved cause.

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