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Coca-Cola Takes Home Inaugural Carlos Gracida Cup

By United States Polo Association. PHOTOS: ©David Lominska/United States Polo Association. 

On Saturday, March 31, 2018, undefeated La Indiana and Coca-Cola met at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida, with hopes to secure the first Carlos Gracida Cup title. In a close back-and-forth game, Coca-Cola secured the win in overtime 11-10.

Adrenaline pumping from the first throw-in, Coca-Cola scored the opening goal in the first 40 seconds off of Steve Krueger’s* mallet. La Indiana’s Jeff Hall quickly answered back, setting the tone for the rest of the game. Intense play ensued in the first three chukkers as the Coca-Cola squad played tough defense with Sugar Erskine effectively blocking several La Indiana shots on goal. Despite Coca-Cola’s defensive plays, each player of La Indiana made it on the board in the first half to begin the fourth chukker tied 4-all.

The second half was characterized by several fouls as both teams fought to gain control of the scoreboard. Back-to-back La Indiana goals from Toro Ruiz and Hall were quickly matched by goals from Krueger and a powerful team play by Gillian Johnston and Nacho Novillo Astrada.

A Penalty 4 conversion from Hall, his third goal of the day, gave La Indiana a 7-6 lead with two chukkers remaining. Coca-Cola, determined not to let the game slip away from them, added two goals in the fifth, shutting out La Indiana. Only a one goal difference on the board in favor of Coke, sixth chukker play was aggressive.

Facundo Obregon, solid from the penalty line, sunk a Penalty 2 to equalize the score yet again 8-8. Coca-Cola’s Sugar Erskine was not about to give up so easily, making an impressive run to goal that had the crowd cheering from the sidelines. With only a few seconds remaining in regulation time, Coca-Cola held the lead 10-9, but La Indiana quickly gained an opportunity to force the game into overtime with an awarded Penalty 2 scored again by Obregon.

A successful shot through the uprights sent the game into a seventh chukker 10-all.

Five seconds into the overtime period, a Penalty 4 was awarded to Astrada, who successfully converted, securing the Carlos Gracida Cup Coca-Cola win 11-10. Most Valuable Player was awarded to Erskine whose defensive plays and impressive field goals helped propel Coca-Cola to victory.

“We knew they were going to be super tough because of the way they have been playing the whole year. They kind of had us, and scored a few goals on us, but we got it back in the end,” said Erskine. “We kept pushing and pulling, and they are super handy and sticky as a team, but we just kept pushing and were happy to take home the win.”

Best Playing Pony honors were awarded to Gillian Johnston’s eight-year-old mare Fanta (Rayo Gringo x Fresca) played in the first, fifth and overtime chukker.

Erskine went on to share the significance of the win, “I feel super lucky to be back after my injury and to win this tournament. Carlos Gracida was a huge part of my heart throughout my life. I was a fanatic back in the day when we didn’t have all of the coverage and internet articles.

You would get the occasional magazine and he was in it, and he was a huge part of my life; I idolized him when I was a kid. When I got here to the states, I got to meet my hero and play against him and it was a very sad day when he passed. It meant a lot to me to win the first tournament here in his name, the Carlos Gracida Cup.”

Polo continues today at 3:00pm ET at the International Polo Club Palm Beach with the USPA Gold Cup® Final. The USPA Polo Network will livestream the game on uspolo.org beginning at 2:30pm ET. For those interested in attending the game at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in person, please visit ipc.coth.com.

* Steve Krueger is a member of Team USPA. Team USPA is a USPA program designed to enhance and grow the sport of polo in the United States by identifying young, talented American players and providing mentored training and playing opportunities leading to a pool of higher rated amateur and pro players and the resultant giveback to the sport of polo.


About the United States Polo Association® 

The U.S. Polo Association (USPA) was organized and exists for the purposes of promoting the game of polo, coordinating the activities of its Member Clubs and Registered Players, arranging and supervising polo tournaments, competitions, and games, and providing rules, handicaps, and conditions for those tournaments, competitions, and games including the safety and welfare of participants and mounts.

Founded in 1890, the United States Polo Association (USPA) is the national governing body for the sport of polo. USPA is currently comprised of almost 300 member clubs with thousands of individual members, and oversees 40 national tournaments. For more information, please visit uspolo.org.


About the International Polo Club Palm Beach

The International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) is the premier polo destination in the world, hosting the largest field of high-goal teams and the most prestigious polo tournaments in the United States. Polo enthusiasts descend upon Wellington, FL each winter season to enjoy their love of the sport at the most prominent polo facility in the country. The 2018 Palm Beach Polo Season opens Sunday, December 31, and concludes 17 weeks later with the USPA 114th U.S. Open Polo Championship® Final on Sunday, April 22. Polo matches are open to the public, with a wide range of hospitality and guest seating that includes elegant grandstand viewing, field tailgating, stadium seating, field-side champagne brunch at The Pavilion, and exclusive sponsor boxes. See more at www.internationalpoloclub.com.


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